Kirk Financial Group specializes in working with clients that are at or near retirement, looking to protect their savings and income from stock market volatility. Today, a well conceived retirement income strategy is vital to help turn your savings into income that can last a lifetime. We believe there are four fundamental challenges that should be addressed: Longevity, Rising Costs, Income Gaps and Market Uncertainty.

  • LONGEVITY  Outliving your retirement income
  • RISING COSTS  Inflation, taxes, healthcare
  • INCOME GAPS  Additional income needed after Social Security retirement benefits, any pensions and other guaranteed retirement income sources
  • MARKET UNCERTAINTY  The impact of volatility

Our goal is to help our clients identify the key challenges that will affect their unique situation. Then we create a strategy to deal with those challenges giving them a confident financial future.


Our focus is on providing the most appropriate solutions to meet the individual clients needs and are not beholden to a large company or shareholders. Being independent allows us to use any company or product that will best fit the client.

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